Happy Holidays and A Thanks to Our Customers

Published 2018-12-19
by Ryan Sundberg

As the holiday season blooms in winter around us, we would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for our clients who trust this company with their business. The holiday season is a time of year when we refocus on our commitments to our families and our communities, and our consciousness of the social fabric that binds us together is renewed over celebrations of holiday feasts and cheers. Our customers are our community, and our core philosophy of creating value for our customers in turn creates more demand for our business - interdependence is what fosters a community, and interdependent commerce grows an economy.

We hope that our professional advice and consulting services have been more than valuable to you our customers this year, and that it will continue to pay dividends to your businesses in the future and that they may continue to grow. It is more important to us, for our customers to be making wise and informed choices, than it is to sell mere billable hours on our bread and butter of software development or maintenance. The health of our clients' businesses is paramount in our consulting relationships. We must always remember that software is a tool, one which exists in a purely virtual universe, and that it must ultimately have a center of gravity in the world of reality which we live and operate in. More software is not the answer to most problems, however the intelligent application of the right systems, in alignment with real-world objectives and constraints, is the essence of effective software engineering. Those principles of informed decision-making, effectiveness, and resourcefulness are essential elements of our business ethics at Arctype Corp., and one way how we hope to inspire your loyalty as a customer.

Here's a toast 🥂 to the holiday season 🎁, a beautiful winter ❄️, and a celebration 🎉 of all our progress in 2018. God bless and enjoy the holiday cheers!

Ryan R Sundberg
President, Arctype Corp.