Intro: Arctype Poseidon Framework

Published 2022-4-1
by Ryan Sundberg

Arctype Poseidon Framework is our new distribution of GNU Guix under development. Poseidon allows clients to program entire fleets of machines in a global network of connected Guix hosts. We provide a framework for building, testing, deploying, and operating such a network and developing your own services on top of it.

Service Mesh

Using the Poseidon Framework, you can extend your Shepherd services with a Consul Connect service mesh running a dedicated Envoy sidecar. The integrated service mesh makes delivering immutable microservices in a cluster on top of GNU Guix a cinch.

Managed Service Filesystems

Inevitably some services require a persistent local filesystem for saving state. With the Poseidon Framework, you can extend your Guix services with a managed Btrfs subvolume per instance. The integrated Btrfs features allow you to to isolate, set quotas for, snapshot, and backup your subvolumes, while adding or removing new disks to each physical machine over time.

Container Security

Applications can be locked down using Linux namespaces and capabilities to configure strict container security. Inside each program's immutable chroot, there is less for an attacker to exploit.

Virtual Machines

The Poseidon Framework provides facilities for launching Virtual Machine images connected to the service mesh through qemu. This feature is currently a work in progress.

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