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The Company was established to provide entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses access to the expert technical resources and advice that they need in order to compete and thrive in today's marketplace. We empower our clients to deliver on their computer software engineering and app development objectives and set high, but reachable goals, in order to achieve the competitive edge they need to accel.

Too often have customers of other software development firms been sold a bag of goods only to find their projets with balooning budgets and delayed schedules, especially with overseas contractors. At Arctype Corp, we take a disciplined approach to our software development methodology, making sure to balance sufficient planning with agile software engineering and other best practices, in order to deliver fast and predictable products to our customers with low operating costs, and the local support they need to run their business.


Our specialties include Clojure and Clojurescript development, React Native apps, data-centric software engineering in the cloud, and full-stack development down to the firmware level when necessary. We are able to maintain software in most well-known languages including C++, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript among others. We can also provide hardware design for customers interested in developing their own "Internet of Things" products.

Of course custom-built software is not always the best solution to your business's situation, especially in this era of free software. We perform a thorough analysis of your specific requirements in order to determine the best fit for your needs, and recommend off-the-shelf software when we believe that's your best option, or spec out what we promise to deliver. It pays to have an expert at your side!

President's Bio

Ryan Sundberg, President
Ryan Sundberg, President
Ryan Sundberg, "sundbry", graduated with a Software Engineering degree from Cal Poly University at San Luis Obispo. He has over a decade of experience developing websites and apps in all fields of business, including "big data" for e-commerce behemoth, social media apps, real-estate management software, financial software, specialized search engines, and industrial systems engineering during his career.

He has a passion for making machines (including computers and apps!) work to their best potential and follows the Scout's rule of leaving things in a better condition than he finds it for the next person. Whether you're growing potatoes, selling solar panels, or running a website, he'd be happy to help you improve your process.
Bunny-suited in a clean room lab at Lam Research Corp.
Bunny-suited in a clean room lab at Lam Research Corp.