Computer Engineering Expert Services

App Development

Do you have an app idea that you're ready to plan and build? Contact us for an estimate we will guarantee, so your project is a success for your time & budget. We can deliver quickly for iOS, Android, web, or cross-platform products by leveraging our extensive library of accumulated code and experience.

Software Maintenance

Is your business suffering from 'bit-rot'? Is a vendor not delivering on their promises? Want to bring your custom business software up to date in 2024? Do you have problems with a third-party dependency? We'll get your software working productively so you can focus on your revenue.

Custom Devices

Do you want a custom device to run in your warehouse, farm, lab, city, or office? Interested in selling your own proprietary electronics? Do you require a special component to integrate your systems together? We can help bring your concept for a specialized device to life.

Support & Consulting

We understand that our clients' success becomes our success. With our support staff available to you, you'll safe time and headaches dealing with technical issues that may come up in your day to day operations. You tell us what you need, and we'll execute it. With our consulting services, we'll help you develop strategies for your business to take advantage of the state of the art in software and cloud technology.

Web Development

Whether you need a brand new website, a face lift for your current one, or want to reorganize and add new content, we're here to help you execute your vision. Following our rapid development process, we can deliver a site to your satisfaction in as little as one week. Your business should stand out - and your website should too!